Mixed Bag at The Market

The MarketThe Market is the Hotel Intercontinental’s newest restaurant. A casual and lively spot, they boast a range of “create-your-own” options, particularly in the realm of sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and pasta dishes.

Let me start off with the good. The burgers here are the best I’ve had in Costa Rica. I ordered the lamb burger, a generally risky choice. It came out moist and tender, with fabulous flavor. A companion had the traditional beef burger and was equally impressed.  Other options included fresh tuna, chicken breast and Portobello mushroom burgers.

The BurgerThe buns were wonderful, fresh-baked affairs of perfect size and up to the task at hand, a rare case in this country, where meager, mealy buns often wilt and fall apart before you’re half-way through your burger.  In contrast, at The Market you can choose between classic, whole grain, olive, bell pepper and sesame buns.

Toppings, cheeses and sauces were widely varied and of high quality. I’ll definitely be going back here fo a burger (c7,500).

TunaCarpaccioThe Tuna Carpaccio (c6,000) appetizer was also excellent, as was the homemade ice cream that topped our dessert choice…

However, the Chocolate Opera (c4,250) was inedible. A dry and tasteless layered creation of cake, chocolate and cream it had clearly been sitting in their display case for several days, if not more. Moreover, throughout the meal, service was horrendous.  Unknowledgeable waiters, long waits, and mixed up orders were the norm.  On the plus side here, our complaints to management were met with a healthy correction to the final bill.

The Market Open Kitchen