Helpful and/or Related Links

This list is evolving. Please send me your suggestions.

  • Cocina Costarricense: A Costa Rican cooking and recipe blog (in Spanish)
  • Sabores: With a daily cooking show, monthly magazine and dedicated facility offering classes and tastings, this is a big local player. The Spanish-language site features a load or recipes, and info on upcoming shows, classes and tastings.
  • Puro Vino: A local wine club, primarily for buying, these folks also host periodic tastings and events.
  • Costa Rica Food & Dog Blog: By the owner of Gecko and Lava Lounge in La Fortuna
  • The Tico Times: The country’s best English-language news source, a longstanding weekly.
  • A.M. Costa Rica: A daily, web-based newspaper.
  • LANIC Costa Rica: The largest collection of Costa Rican links you’ll find anywhere…
  • Saveur: The best all-around foodie magazine I’ve found.
  • Serious Eats: A great, wide-ranging food blog.
  • Food Network: ’nuff said.

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