Rant #1: Televisions

In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice: “What’s the deal with televisions in restaurants?”  This ranks high on my list of pet peeves for Costa Rican dining. People, unless you’re running a Sports Bar or sport-themed restaurant, take out, turn-off and get over the TV. Possible exceptions include funky, beachfront surfer joints showing big wave riding videos. Can you think of others?  I remember giving a pass to the original La Divina Comida, a high-end Peruvian-fusion restaurant, which had a high-hung flat screen showing Food Network without sound, although my dining companion was nonetheless appalled. I can’t think of many other suitable situations.

Far too many supposedly “fine dining” and everyday restaurants have televisions blaring. I’ve seen it in sushi bars, pizza parlors, hotel restaurants and simple sodas alike. People, learn how to maintain a conversation over a meal (and this means you need to put down that cell phone).

One thought on “Rant #1: Televisions

  1. Yep. I´m there with you. At Tin Jo, we have “Miércoles de Candelas”. No electricity, No cel phones. Poems on tables alongside blank sheet of paper where twosomes can share mutual missives. Let´s RECLAIM the art of dining, of communing face to face, sans TV, sans Cel phone.

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